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Renovations Are an Important Part of Maintaining & Improving the Longevity of Any Commercial Or Residential Space – Work with the Best Renovation Contractor

From small details like new countertops to entirely new room layouts and materials, every change and upgrade can make a lasting impact that increases the value (and resale value) of your home or property.

Quality matters. That’s why it is important to work with an experienced general renovation contractor when remodelling your home or commercial property. Our renovation teams are passionate about designing, creating and crafting the perfect new look for your space, and have been recognized throughout the industry for high-quality results and attention to detail.

We are committed to improving your space while maintaining its character and integrity. It’s a craft that we excel at like no other.

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We stand out from many other renovation contractors as our projects have received award nominations and accolades for outstanding results. Browse through our portfolio, and you will find a stunning variety of homes and buildings in the Vancouver, BC area that have undergone incredible transformations.

When one remodels a room or building a major goal is to maximize the aesthetic potential of every square inch of space. For instance, if the simple addition of a window or wall can improve the usage or enjoyment of a room then we might recommend such an addition to improve the room’s characteristics.

For home renovations, details such as paint colours, molding and countertop finishes are chosen based on their ability to enhance the appeal and longevity of the living space.

For commercial renovations, we help you determine the best use of a space as well as the most appealing aesthetic treatments to give a room or building.

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General Renovations Done Right

We also take the time to assess the budget of each renovation project, to ensure our clients get the most out of their investment. Instead of cutting corners to get to the end goal, we make smart design and building decisions that reduce cost but maximize quality of the space. You’ll only get the best materials and workmanship, because that’s what our team stands by, and has stood by from day one.

Communication – a Key Part of Any Remodelling Project

A huge part of achieving a great remodelling result is open communication. That’s why our team of renovation contractors and construction workers take the time to make an effort to involve you along the way.

First, we do this so you can see where the layout is heading, and this helps us ensure that the design meets your expectations in every way. Secondly, we enjoy getting client feedback and input because it helps create unique designs and layouts that are both appealing to the eye and functional for the unique everyday tasks of our varied clientele.

Your Reno Project is Unique, Just Like You

As no two people are alike, no two renovation projects are alike, and each have their own unique characteristics. We take the time in the early phases to really understand what it is you’re looking for, and make sure that we create plans and implement them to bring your vision for the space to life.

We are proud of our the results we deliver, and we’re sure you’ll notice the  difference when you work with the Nordic Projects – the #1 leading general renovation contractor in Vancouver, BC.

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We are committed to offer unparalleled commercial contracting services to all our clients. Our customer service and commitment to building quality spaces is second to none

Thomas Moser, Owner of Nordic Projects Ltd