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Thinking About Doing an Office Renovation? Not Sure Where to Start?

The thought of renovating an office space can be overwhelming. There are so many factors to consider. How much will the renovation cost? How long will it take? And who can I trust to ensure that the project is completed successfully – on time, and on budget?

Nordic Projects has specialized in high-end office renovations and quality commercial contracting since 2002. We can work with you to ensure that your office transformation is a success.

Your Office Space Represents Your People and Brand

Your space matters. It is the area in which your people and teams thrive and succeed.

Our office contractors and renovators understand the importance of designing and creating a work space that enhances every element of your company’s style and work atmosphere. Whether you seek a look that is quirky and eclectic, or one that is sleek and professional, we know how to deliver and end result that brings out your building and brand’s best features, while ensuring a great environment for every employee.

Office Renovations & Contracting in Vancouver, BC

We’ve completed office renovations and commercial contracting projects for a wide variety of clients, all of whom sought to create an ideal work environment for their employees, while remaining stylish and functional too. With a variety of professions from white collar, blue collar, creative and beyond, we know how to blend the day-to-day requirements of space efficiency and capacity limits with important elements of design. Our office renovations account for details such as staff numbers (current and projected), building code restrictions and by-laws and, most importantly, the intended “new” look for the space.

Thorough Consultation & Communication

Through a thorough consulting process, we make sure your office space turns into the environment you envision. Whether you would like a bright, open-concept space with clean lines and modern touches, or an industrial complex that has ample room and functional spaces for a variety of operations that will occur in the space, we will achieve it with a careful process of consulting and communication with you from start to finish.

A big concern for many of our clients is whether they can attain their desired results while staying within the strict codes of their building. Our answer, is yes. Through a careful design and construction process, we can create an interior that attains all the requirements that your office space needs, while maintaining the structural safety, integrity and heritage of the building as well. The key to success lies in careful assessment of the details.

Visually Stunning Office Renovations – Done On Time & On Budget

We’ve completed office renos in Vancouver for both new and old building spaces, so you can trust our team to account for every single consideration along the way. Whether there are strict noise, or exterior alteration policies to adhere to, or considerations for the other tenants in the building, we have experience with it all. Likewise, we’ve dealt with every type of budget, or structural constraint, all while ensuring you get the end result you sought. Problem solving is a hallmark of our success, allowing us to deliver world-class projects that are on-time, on-budget, and most importantly, visually stunning.

See the difference our dedication and attention to quality makes. Browse through our portfolio of office renovations here.


We are committed to offer unparalleled commercial contracting services to all our clients. Our customer service and commitment to building quality spaces is second to none

Thomas Moser, Owner of Nordic Projects Ltd